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Pirelli Tyres

Do you want to install Pirelli tyres on your car? Then, explore Iwade Garage for our expansive collection of quality tyre variants from this Italian manufacturer!

We stock a range of Pirelli tyres Sittingbourne for every vehicle make and model. Our tyre specialists ensure you receive the best quality products by conducting strict quality tests. They also guide you in purchasing the best-suited tyres.

Additionally, we sell cheap Pirelli tyres Sittingbourne to individuals looking for budget-friendly options.

Best-selling Pirelli tyres we retail


Here are some top-selling Pirelli tyres on our inventory:


POWERGY™ (Summer)


This summer tyre from Pirelli consists of wide central grooves for enhanced driving safety on wet roads. It also features fin-shaped sipes that reduce the risk of aquaplaning. The innovative composition of this summer tyre results in low rolling resistance.




3D sipe technology offers this tyre an exceptional handling performance on dry roads, reducing the braking distance. The wider grooves on the tyre help with wet handling and braking performance. Additionally, increased sipes improve traction on snow and ice.




Pirelli all-season variants such as this come with a unique pitch sequence that cancels out noise resulting in a comfortable driving experience. Thanks to its 3D sipes, it delivers excellent snow performance. Furthermore, the variant offers unmatched wet and dry performance.

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