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Vehicle Servicing


Opting for routine vehicle servicing is crucial for the car maintenance regime. It helps ensure all vehicle components perform optimally and eliminates sudden breakdown issues. With commercial vehicles, periodic servicing will enhance the reliability of the fleet performance.

At our workshop Iwade Garage, we extend comprehensive interim and full servicing for commercial vehicles. We maintain the highest standards in equipment and the techniques our experts follow. If repairs or replacements are required, our technicians will cater to them efficiently without much hassle.


The best part is you can get our Car Service Sittingbourne at pocket-friendly rates.

What's included in our Vehicle Servicing?

Interim Car Servicing


An interim Car Servicing is a must every 6,000 miles or six months (whichever is early). We cover several crucial checks under the interim Car Service in Sittingbourne, including:

  • Condition of internal and external lights

  • Steering and suspension component check

  • Battery condition check

  • Tyre and tread condition check

  • Inspection of fuel and brake lines

  • Braking components and fluid check

Full Car Servicing


Full Car Servicing is a must every 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever is early). Our full Car Service Sittingbourne consists of the following checks:



Our experts will inspect the various components of the vehicle engine, including timing belt interval, engine cooling system, engine oil and more. If they find any underlying issue during the inspection process, they will provide prompt repairs and replacement solutions.

Batteries Check


We also provide a thorough inspection of the parts of commercial vehicle batteries. Our experts will check the wires, terminals, cables, charging system, etc. If there are faults in the battery components, they will provide hassle-free replacements using OE-grade spares. Furthermore, our experts will also check the battery fluid and top it up if necessary.

Apart from this, our full commercial vehicle servicing also covers:

  • Inspection of clutch operation

  • Driveshaft gaiters check

  • Windscreen wiper condition check

  • Interior and exterior mirror checks

  • Replacement of pollen filter

  • Horn check

  • Topping up all fluids underneath the bonnet

  • Lubricating hinges locks and catches

  • Gearbox fluid check

  • Air filter replacement

  • Oil filter replacement

  • Brake pad inspection

  • Inspection of the wheel cylinder

  • Checking of the hydraulic brake system, hoses and pipes

  • Number plate checks

  • Tyre tread depth check and more

Our detailed inspection process and efficient solutions make us a reliable solution for all your ‘Car Servicing near me’ searches.

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