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Walnut Blasting

You know that feeling when you cant breathe? You’re all bunged up with dried up grot?

Guess what – your car can get into the same state too!

OK – its a different sort of grot – its oily and sticky for starters – but it has the same effect – it blocks the path for fuel and air to get into the cylinders. The other issue with this grot is that we can’t use highly abrasive materials like sand to get it worn away. So we use something that is harder than the grot, but soft enough that it won’t do any damage to the car’s components.

The best substance is crushed walnut shells, that we blast in at high speed using compressed air, and then remove using a vacuum system.

We had an ’07 Mini Cooper S that was horrid to drive at around town, very lumpy idle, no power and horrendous MPG. All the usual components had been changed – spark plugs, coil packs, boost sensors, air flow sensors. Then it came to us for walnut blasting, and what a difference it made.

The process of blasting requires the manifolds to be removed so that we can gain access, so we generally say that we need the vehicle for a day.

Prices from £325+vat – use the contact form to ask for details, or call us on 01795 438 988