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Automatic Gearbox “Megaflush”

Automatic gearboxes, make life smooth for the driver…. until they don’t!

A few years ago, gearbox manufacturers came up with some novel ideas – “Sealed for Life” was one. Thing is the fluid that goes into a gearbox gets hot, works hard, and gets tired. One of the most noticeable signs that your gearbox fluid isn’t working properly is the feeling of slidy gear changes, or you notice the revs getting higher before a lumpy gear change.

If you were to undo the drain at the bottom of most automatic gearboxes, the amount of fluid that comes out will only be about 25-30% of the total amount of fluid in the system. This is because a huge amount is stored in the galleries and chambers of the gearbox. So how can you change the fluid and get nice new fluid throughout?

We have a special flushing machine. Well to be honest its more like a dialysis machine. We plumb it into the automatic gearbox pipework, and we can see the state of the old fluid. We then set the machine to work. It diverts the old fluid into the “old” container, and pumps in brand new fluid. You can see the difference in the colours in the watchglass.

We always change 200% of the volume of the system – so if the manual says your gearbox holds 9 litres, we exchange 20 litres. This is done in a way which forces the old fluid out of the galleries and chambers. Our team then ensures that the levels are correct. Some people find that a Megaflush helps with gear change shudder. We cannot guarantee that it will, as the damage is being done by the old fluid every time it is driven. Preventative maintenance is best, like changing the oil in your engine.

Our Megaflush service starts at £275+vat. Use the contact form or call us on 01795 438 988 to book your Megaflush.